Helping The Best To Get Better Seminar                                                                   November 23, 2019

A yearly seminar about the latest developments in elite sports, presented by speakers who have been there and who will present you the real state-of-the-art!
It’s going to be a great seminar, take a look at the presenters and the topics:
  1. Hakan Andersson:Technique and Physique for Speed, Three Decades of Coaching Experience. Hakan, a long term colleague and friend, is one of the most innovative sprint coaches in the world and has lots of new ideas to share with you.
  2. Jerome Simian, another out-of-the box-thinker with a refreshing view on training. He is a.o. the strength-and-conditioning coach of the world-recordholder in decathlon, Kevin Mayer.
  3. Bill Laich: Mental Aspects of the Preparation for Major Competitions.Scientific view. An important topic, but seldomly talked about and this presentation is far beyond the usual scope. Bill is a well-known face at our seminars and hardly needs introduction, world-class teacher and educator, accomplished athlete himself, and top of the bill in sport sciences.
  4. Henk Kraaijenhof: Mental Aspects of the Preparation for Major Competitions. Experiences, examples and practical implications.
Interested? The seminar is by invitation only, so send a mail to for an invitation.

Details: Saturday November 23, 2019  from 08.30 – 17.30 hrs.
Location: Van der Valk Hilversum – De Witte Bergen, Rijksweg 2, 3755 Eemnes, Netherlands


  1. Henk,
    Thanks for nice words posted. Could not find your email for interaction re the symposium. Please send to the above. Let me know ASAP if you are ok with the below presentation of you for 09.30-10.30 lecture. Best Per

    09.30: Henk Kraaijenhof, Laren, The Netherlands. Hollistic Track & Field Coach, Helping the best to get better. ”When hamstring becomes an Achilles’ heel. A practical approach to prevent and treat hamstring problems in athletes”.

  2. Armin Rana Ray

    Hello Henk,
    I will understand if there is no reply since my questions is perhaps too individual.. but I’ll try anyway. My son is just turned 15.. Height 1,87m, skinny/muscular, very high muscle tonus(nearly stiff,) and his 100m time is about 11.8 secs.
    He is a very “strange” athlete ( I am a 400m runner and strange for me is what I thought till now to be true , but perhaps I am wrong).
    Although he is usually the tallest , he is the fastest out of the block. He is usually ahead till the first 50 meters but then starts to get reeled in by the other athletes. I always thought that the “opposite ” happens for tall athletes i.e slow out of the blocks and then catching up later die to slower deccelaration?

    He has very very low kneelift.. and he sometimes gets injured on his hip extensors. He is also more interested in Powerlifting and does not get nervous at all in the few races that he does.
    What are the basic running drills/ excercises that I should do with him ? How can I keep him not slow down so fast after the first 50-60 meters ?

    Thanks You,
    Armin Rana Ray

    1. Hello Armin,

      Sorry for my late reply, my blog and email were disconnected, so I did not see your comment. And, no question is ever too individual for me although it is easier to answer general questions 😉 A tall guy being fast from the blocks and slowing down at the end, yes, that is, like you said, different from what is the rule. But the rules are confirmed by exceptions. The problem could be physical: running technique, maintaining high-speed-form or mental: tightening up under pressure of being in front and not knowing how to maintain speed. Some tips from afar: 1. metaphoric: pushing a car in the beginning you need strength to push, when the car starts rolling faster, there is no time left to push,so relax like holding on to the car running downhill: no need to push or drive.
      2.his recurring injury slows muscle dysbalance or bad mechanics, I can’t tell much about it from here.
      3. learn to play with and to control speed 5x 100 m in this way, 20m fast (95%)-20m (90% but not slowing down, no leaning backward and foot in front or “stepping on the brake”!- just maintain speed effortless)-20m 95%-20m 90%-20m 95%. rest 4 minutes. Or the same running 150m (rest 5-6 mins) 30m-95-30m-90-30m-95-30m 90-30m 95. 95% = stepping down on the accelerator but not all the way down, 90% = keep you foot there, don’t move it and next 95% again step it down. It should be hard for the coach to see the transition at each mark as far as posture and movements are concerned. Best regards and good luck


  3. Alexandros Terzian

    Hello Henk,
    I m trying to find your book ” what we need is speed ” from Europe but for the moment it seems impossible . It’s out of stock in Amazon uk .
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance
    A. Terzian

  4. Ryan Heickert

    Hello Henk,

    I recently heard you speak at Mike Boyle’s winter seminar. It was great and I look forward to having to opportunity to hear you speak again. Your book is also a great resource for me. You had said we could email you if we had any questions, so I hope i’m not bothering you with this email, but I had a few questions.

    1) How does your speed truing differ for track athletes vs field athletes in terms of how much training time is spent on (max) speed work?

    2) For the athletes that only train 3x/week for an hour and a half per session how much time would you spend focusing on speed work, strength work and conditioning?

    3) I have been looking into the Bosco Test to help me determine the muscle fiber make up of my athletes but I am having a hard time finding a reliable source. Do you have a link to the proper way to perform the Bosco Test and calculate the results?

    4) I recently just purchased a KBox from Go Exxentric and wanted to know your thoughts on it and how you would use it with you athletes.

    Thank you for you time.

    Ryan Heickert

  5. Hey Coach Henk,
    Do you know the next time you’ll be coming here to the states for a seminar? I love your info and its perfectly with where I am with my journey as a performance coach!
    Also! Which vibration platform would you suggest to get that fall in line with what you spoke on in your Developing Strength and Power DVD.

    Thanks for the knowledge!

    1. Hello Bobby, been a busy week, but here is my answer: Throughout the years, I worked with many different systems, but very few stood the test of effectiveness and durability. The good old Nemes-Bosco system still stood out where many failed. Now I am working with the German Bestvibe system for whole body vibration and local vibration or BMS (biomechanical stimulation) Iconsider it to be the Mercedes of the vibration machines, effective and sturdy. I would definitely advise this one.
      Even if it is in German, you get the drift. Any questions,let me now.
      Best regards, Henk

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