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My name is Henk Kraaijenhof and I started this blog as a random collection of concepts, ideas, stories and events that are important or interesting to me in my work as an international performance consultant in a wide range of fields, and sometimes outside of my work. I will try to post a new entry every 3-4 days. Feel free to comment if you like.

The 3rd “Helping The Best To Get Better” – Seminar – December 8, 2018

Yes, it’s here again, another seminar for the open-minded, quality-oriented coach or therapist. I am proud to be able put together such a great line-up with a simple organisation, but who am I to say that, convince yourself….. Speakers: Fergus … Continue reading

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What a surprise…..not!

Yes, I was there when it happened, standing high up in the stadium in Seoul, next to Charlie Francis, when Ben Johnson won his 100 meter final in an unforgettable way. It’s probably the picture and the 100 meter race … Continue reading

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Holiday time

Holiday time, so finally a few days off from my daily work and work in the high-performance business. Therefore this time a post beyond the world of sport and performance, about some things that make me wonder sometimes. I will … Continue reading

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Don’t just assume or copy: measure!

I love research, scientific research, or better yet, sport scientific research, but I try to not become blindsided by it. We have to realize that research has a completely different goal from coaching. It is a different process altogether, and … Continue reading

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Time- and energy saving tips for the explosive athlete.

1. Don’t warm-up 2. Don’t cool down In principle the above could be the shortest post I ever wrote. But of course, the recommendations above need some explaining. As we all know coaches are in general 20-30 years ahead of … Continue reading

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CAS = kangaroo-court

It isn’t often that I feel the urge to speak out, but as a wise man once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. I decided at least to speak … Continue reading

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Strength training, transfer and wearable resistance.

I bet that most of us will agree that strength levels are strongly related to performance in explosive sports. The discussion could be about what kind of strength has the strongest relation, maximal strength, explosive strength, power, or more specific … Continue reading

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Is it just me or ……

Recently I read an analysis in Dutch sportmagazine in disbelief….. it was about my profession as a coach. Holland has 17 million inhabitants and 4.3 million are somehow engaged in sports. Holland has 400.000 coaches (it’s not clear what the … Continue reading

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Training camp.

After 14 years, I started actively coaching athletes again, or rather … one athlete. Call me stupid if you like, but I just could not resist the challenge to see if I still can make a difference. I choose a … Continue reading

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An example of a training program

Program Mohammed al Malki preparation Asian Games in September (see the post before) After my last post, a few coaches asked me to outline how Mohammed’s training program would look like. Notes: This is the program as made and executed … Continue reading

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