The Third Helping The Best To Get Better Seminar.

Our third seminar was a great success. Interesting topics, great international speakers, a smart audience, and lots of networking during and after the seminar. What more can you ask for?

On Friday evening Dec.7 we organized a special Masterclass with Fergus “Gamechanger” Connolly in Eindhoven.

Masterclass with Fergus Connolly

And on Dec.8 the seminar where Fergus spoke again about a different topic, we could have continued for some time since his book is full of topics, but one of his best qualities is his holistic view and the ability to oversee all of the performance-related factors. His new book, “59 Lessons” should be out by now, I can’t wait to read it.

Fergus Connolly lecturing at our seminar

Performance Doc Gerrit Kieferstein spoke about Vitamine Sleep, and although I have been working on this topic since 1987 ( to deal with jet-lag, in travelling to international competitions), also Gerrit placed sleep and sleep problems in to a wider context and gave us useful tips how to deal with it, beyond the usual sleep tips by so-called “sleep experts” in sports. Beautiful presentation that kept the audience focused until the last word.

Gerrit Kieferstein

For the afternoon we invited Julius Luamajoki from Myontec to talk about the history of EMG-testing, the physiological background of measuring muscle activity  and the Myontec products

After that, my friend Kornelius Kraus demonstrated the practical applications of the EMG-short in real time. A week later he came to our training camp to test my athletes with his protocol as well.

Kornelius Kraus (2nd from left) and Juliue Luomajoki (2nd from right)

Bill Laich, like always a very solid lecturer,  gave an great overview of the role of the visual system in sports and he complexity of this topic.

Bill Laich

Myself, I gave a small overview of the use of EMG measurements in sports which e.g. helps us to analyze the muscular demands of movement-patterns in competitions  and develop exercise that are relevant and adequate to fulfill those demands. I showed the research that we have done this summer, to analyze the use of different muscle groups in sprinting, strength exercises, plyometrics, etc.

The Masterclass as well as the seminar ran very smooth thanks to the invaluable work of Verena.

We are already planning the fourth seminar in April of next year.




    1. Hello Juan, Unfortunately, I am in the process of writing an article about this topic for a Dutch journal. I find it boring to write an article in Dutch and then the same one in English, but since the topic is interesting, to say the least, I will be publishing more (in English) as I gather more data, which is what I am doing right now.

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