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Training as resource management: 7 very basic questions in training.

Talking about training is talking about resources. Most of the time we think about increasing the athlete’s  resources, mental as well as physical. So we tend to consider the many different physiological, psychological and functional qualities of our athletes like … Continue reading

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Mental toughness: how to improve it. General basics.

As mentioned in an  earlier post about this subject: there is no easy way, just like there is no easy way or shortcut in improving physical toughness or conditioning. There is no pill, no shortcut, no magic exercise or no … Continue reading

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Welcome to the E-athlete. A short introduction.

Apart from man being a very complex chemical organism, man is also an electrical organism (let’s not discuss about what comes first, chemistry of electricity, since chemistry is electromagnetism as well). We tend to forget this despite the fact that … Continue reading

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