Last week of the year.

Some promises to be fulfilled, some questions to be answered.
One of the questions I got is related to the determination of muscle fibre composition by the simple Bosco jump test. The algorithms for this were unfortunately not published in articles or journals, but included as an integrated part in the software of the MuscleLab system that I worked with throughout the years. The untimely passing away of Carmelo Bosco probably also prevented him for publishing it, since he was an innovative and productive researcher.   I am not aware about any other system having this feature and I doubt there every will be considering the amount of biopsies to be taken and jump tests to be done.

This week, for the purpose of insurance, I had to take pictures of all my books, (at least the ones that are in my  in the office, since my house became too small to contain all of them). That gave me a chance to finally make the list of favourites below.
Since I promised people to give a list of my favourite and easy-to-read books about different subjects.
Here we go: some of the them I have mentioned already in former posts. Oops, I see there are quite a few books in German language, but before 40 years of age it easy to learn a second language, so hurry up. I did not check the availability of the older books, nor if there are any new editions.


1.    Adaptation in sports training; by Atko Viru.
2.    Biochemical monitoring in sports and exercise by Atko Viru and Mehis Viru
3.    Belastung-Ermuedung-Leistung by V.N.Platonov (Germ.)
4.    Sportbiochemie by N.N.Jakowlew (Germ.)
5.    Sportmedizin by Strauzenberg, Guertler, Hannemann and Tittel (Germ.)

Strength Training:

1.    Kraftvorbereitung by W.W.Kusnezow (Germ.)
2.    La forza muscolare by Carmelo Bosco (Ita.)
3.    Strength and power in sport by Paavo Komi (editor)
4.    Strength and conditioning by Marco Cardinale (editor)
5.    Target bodybuilding by Per Tesch


1.    Biochemical Individuality by Roger Williams
2.    Diet Cults by Matt Fitzgerald
3.    The disease delusion by Jeffrey S.Bland
4.    Nutrition and enhanced sports performance by Debasis Bagchi
5.    Nutrition applied to injury rehabilitation and sports medicine by Luke Bucci
6.    Das egoistische Gehirn by Achim Peters (Germ.)


1.    Der Sprint by Toni Nett
2.    The Charlie Francis training system by Charlie Francis
3.    ?


1.    Stress in health and disease by Bengt Arnetz and Rolf Ekmann (editors)
2.    The polyvagal theory by Stephen W.Porges
3.    The body keeps the score by Bessel van der Kolk
4.    Allostasis, homeostasis and the cost of physiological adaptation  by Jay Schulkin(editor)
5.    Perturbing the organisms by Herbert Weiner

General science and education, very well worth treading, a must read if you ask me …..

1.    The modern mind by Peter Watson
2.    A general theory of love by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon
3.    The body electric by Robert O.Becker and Gary Selden
4.    Mortal engines by John Doberman
5.    The ingenious mind of nature by George M.Hall

All books by Manfred Spitzer in German, about neuroscience (I hope some of them         are, or will be translated into English – watch an interview with him on YouTube (in English)

Happy reading and turn 2015 into a happy, healthy and successful year!



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