It’s about time.

It’s about time I start writing blogposts again. The only thing that stopped me from doing this was lack of time. How did I spend my time? Here is part of the answer:

I downloaded numerous books since my last post. Downloading is a fast process. Scanning books, scanning the contents and reading them is a different story. As you might have guessed: next to work and obligations, I spent every spare minute of my time reading. I admit, maybe a bit obsessive-compulsive, but reading books is more gratifying than e.g. washing your hands x times a day.

Books are warehouses of information and experiences. Sometimes, a whole life with its knowledge, experiences, thoughts and emotions, is condensed into a few pages of paper, and one can read it in a few hours only. Yes, that’s how I have spent a large part of my life and still do. Learning from the experiences and mistakes of others instead of making them myself again.

I like to read about sports and training, of course, but I have a wide interest in other subjects as well.
And besides reading I am in the process of finishing my book about sprinting, my first publication in English. I try not to write about the things that have already been published in other books, nor writing a textbook. It is rather personal account of my quest for speed. It will be edited by Ultimate Athlete Concepts and will be published this summer.

And here is my “new obsession”. To be honest, it isn’t really new to me, and I prefer to call it an “interest” instead of obsession.
It is: bio-electromagnetism, as a part of biophysics, the interaction between the processes in our body and our cells and the electromagnetic wave spectrum that surrounds us as produced by nature or man-made.
We often think of life and our living body as being a structure or matter only. We can see, feel and touch it. Maybe we even recognize the dynamical biochemical processes. We can’t see them, but we can measure and imagine them (ever seen a Krebs cycle of glycolysis working in real life?).

At a higher level, biophysical processes seem to be just as important and at least as interesting. The problem is that we normally can’t see or feel them in daily life (unless you put your finger in an electrical socket or get hit by lightning). Even measuring them is hard without expensive equipment. Still….think about what we really measure if we measure ECG (heart), EMG (muscle), or EEG (brain). Right…. electric currents. We also image the body through X-rays, CT scans, PET scans, again…. electromagnetic waves. And what about the often used therapies such as ultrasound, diathermy, hyperthermia, infrared, laser, EMS and quite a few others.

You are starting to get my drift: we already use many different parts of the electromagnetic wave spectrum. Even in college we learned about synapses, the membrane potentials, etc. We know it exists and we know it is important.
I have been measuring these processes for a long time, but found it time for a deeper study. If the functioning of our body and our cells is dependent on electro-magnetic properties, how can we use these to our advantage for health improvement or for performance enhancement.

In the past many brilliant researchers and doctors have, independent of each other, found that within the spectrum of electromagnetic waves many positive effects have been documented. Of course, there are waves that can cause harm as well, depending on the frequencies, intensity and exposure time. Powerlines, radar waves and even the waves coming from mobile phones may be able to cause harm.
Still, many of the positive applications have been neglected, discarded or even destroyed by the medical establishment. Imagine: a therapy that works, that is cheap, that has no side effects and can cure a multitude of health problems.
This forms a real threat to the most powerful lobby in the world: the pharmaceutical industry. One of the tactics is to call those, often brilliant, researchers “quacks” and discard their concepts and techniques as being quackery or fraud. No support is given to their breakthrough discoveries.
Am I exaggerating? Read the stories of Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife or more recently Anthony Holland.

The common concept is that each cell possesses a specific resonance frequency. Just like a crystal glass: when hit with the right (resonance-) frequency, the crystal glass can be shattered by e.g. a human voice.
This well-known fact contains two important pieces of information:
1. this only happens at the right specific frequency, not at other frequencies, and
2. at that specific frequency only that glass will shatter, not the window or glass vase.

And not only glass can be destroyed, also different germs or viruses can be destroyed at the right frequency.
Resonance frequencies can be used to destroy structures, but it can also be used to entrain, modify or normalize other biological structures and cells as well. This is why we can use pulsed electromagnetic fields to accelerate the healing of bone tissue in the case of fractures, or use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to stimulate or inhibit neurons in the brain. The membrane potential and even the activity of receptors can be changed under the influence of electromagnetic waves.
In other words: when you start to enter the field of bio electromagnetics, a whole new world of opportunities might open for you.

-Georges Lakhovsky: The Secret of Life; Heinemann, GBr, 1939.
-Barry Lynes: Rife’s World of Electromedicine; BioMed Publishing group, USA, 2009.


    1. No, I live in Holland but I do come to the US to lecture one and awhile.

      This year, I will be going to lecture in Richmond (Jay DeMayo) and Minnesota (Cal Dietz) and probably to Iowa (Landon Evans), all this from the middle of July.


  1. Nate ,D.C

    Hey Henk,
    I am a recent graduate of Chiropractic College, and this last post about bio-electromagnetism really hits home with me seeing how the nervous system seems to be the master system of the body and communicates via electrical synapse. Any recommendations you could give me as far as reading material and/or persons to reasearch or contact regarding these topics? Any recommendation helps, love to learn and help others heal/ perform better!


  2. Luke Olsen


    Bio-electromagnetism is a fascinating subject; one of which I greatly enjoy studying. I was recently reading Feynman’s Rainbow in which he talks about electromagnetic force and its role in the binding of oxygen with hemoglobin. If this is the case, would differences in electromagnetic waves impede or enhance oxygen delivery thus change physical performance?

    1. Hello Luke, yes indeed although more research has to be done, some recent experiments suggest there is the effect of EMF on oxygen-binding as you describe, the performance enhancing effect of this however is still unclear, but why not give it a try? Muehsam D, Lalezari P, Lekhraj R, Abruzzo P, Bolotta A, et al. (2013) Non-Thermal Radio Frequency and Static Magnetic Fields Increase Rate of
      Hemoglobin Deoxygenation in a Cell-Free Preparation. PLoS ONE 8(4): e61752. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0061752

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