Second ‘Helping the best to get better” Seminar

Also during the last few weeks I recruited speakers for the next ‘Helping the best to get better’ Seminar, Saturday March 24, 2018 again at Hotel De Witte Bergen, Hilversum/Eemnes, Netherlands.

Again Bill Laich, much appreciated at the first seminar, will lecture about the role of stretch, stiffness and elasticity in sports performance.

And in this men-dominated world of sports we seldom hear women present. I found some real smart women willing to share their knowledge and experiences with us.

Sharon Beld has specialized in problems that originate in the feet. She has unique technologies to detect and analyze problems in this area.

Katja Rubbens (Belgium) will introduce us to the complex diagnostic system I have been working with for the last 10 years. It consists of multiple test modules such as bio impedance, HRV, pulse oxymetry, pulsewave analysis all processed with sophisticated software. This to evaluate the status of athletes and patients in a very short period. Nothing esoteric, or leaps of faith to be taken: all based on hard scientific data.

Ryan Rasmussen (USA) will talk about his experiences with RPR, Reflexive Performance Reset and similar techniques.

Kornelius Kraus, (Germany), an excellent coach and sport research scientist, will share his latest findings about the popular topic of hamstring function in running, soccer and cycling.

This time I will be presenting as well. Title: “To dope or not to dope, but what is the answer? “, an overview of my work with new developments in performance enhancement.

Again, a unique set of speakers, topics and content that very few people will have knowledge of, not the “usual suspects” and a great opportunity to bring yourself up to date with the latest ideas in sports training and rehab. And also a good opportunity to connect and network as happened during the November seminar.

More information coming soon, also on my Facebook page and Linkedin.

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