Other books on my desk

Despite the Covid-situation I am quite busy, keeping athletes motivated and training well, coaching, writing more, maybe another book rather soon, and of course, reading and studying.

People who know me, also know that I am an obsessive-compulsive book reader. I try to absorb as much information as I can, in order to improve my knowledge continuously and learn from the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of many others. Now the last couple of weeks people asked me if I ever read anything else, besides the books about biomedical and sports related-topics. And what kind of books I like to read.

I am not too keen in so-called self-help books and I am in good company. My favorite comedian, George Carlin, explains why. He is not very well-known outside of the US but his shows, still his shows on YouTube are well worth watching, sharp, funny and very smart.

Yes, I read novels and many other books as well. A few still on my desk after (re-)reading them.

Also a great movie movie
Almost finished….. impressive
Hilarious, but my favourite is The Lost Continent
Playboy had more and better to offer than naked girls
Also: More Letters of Note and Lists of Note
Even the photos only are worth buying the book
More fragile than ever, due to human stupidity
Same thing: here human greed and stupidity combined
Most important factor of all life is in the soil.
Emotion and posture, well explained

Next post will be the continuation about the small factors that can make a difference in performance.

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