Testing new equipment

Yes, it has been a while, I see from my last post here.
I have been busy travelling, lecturing, writing my books and testing new equipment that I already used in 2008, but at that time wasn’t ready for my purposes. And yes, work, in my old days I wanted to lead a quiet life, stay home, read and write, like an old man should, but so far that did not work out yet.
I always saw maximal performance from well-tuned metabolisms, optimal physiological conditions and high flexibility of neuro-endocrine systems. But how to attain those.? Almost impossible without extensive and mostly invasive and/or expensive tests. Anyhow, the Omegawave, now available as an app,  helped me a great deal since 2000. But my interest is deeper and my current clients are interested in high-performance, but also in vitality, wellness, and anti-aging.
The last couple of weeks I tested this new system, which is again a combination of several modules.
It uses:
-pulse oximetry, oxygen saturation or Sa02,
-HRV or heart rate variability, like Omegawave does,
-photoelectrical plethysmography, which tells us a lot about the cardio-vascular physiology,
-BIA of bioimpedance, this module  is well-known from its use in measuring body composition and water balance.
Now all of these you might think you know somehow, but the special part of this is the software, based on the latest bioinformatical, biomathematical and biostatistical algorithms.
Let me throw some loose words at you, you can look up for yourself, if you feel like: inverse problem, spectrometry, receiver operating characteristic or ROC-curves, phase angles, modelling, Bayesian algorithms, neural networks, etc. This all sounds alchemy formulas or magic to most people, but you have to study in order to be able to believe it and that is what I did. And it is worth it… I seriously believe this these technologies are the first step towards Star-Trek like diagnosis equipment.

Without falling into the trap of quackery machines which have a mysterious background most including terms like “bioresonance” or “quantum radiation” or other  untraceable backgrounds. In this case there is a tremendous amount of solid information about these technologies and algorithms.

The tests only takes 4-5 minutes, doe not take any body fluids or tissues and only asks for holding your breath for 15 seconds and stand up and sit down again, to test the cardiovascular regulation.

Now what kind of information would this give you, well here are a few screen shots of tests I took. You can probably see the fun I have testing all kinds of interventions …..
Mind you these are graphs based on mathematical modelling, not real pictures!

Central nervous system
Central nervous system

Here is some for the hardcore readers or people who haven’t anything better to do.

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