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People who know me or have visited me, know that I am an obsessive-compulsive book buyer (and reader). Many people ask me which books I would advise them to read. First of all: it depends a lot on what you are interested in. In order to avoid me from saying: all of them, I will try to advise some different books that I just got, or find useful and interesting.

I just finished reading two brand new books which I received this week: the first one is written by a colleague of mine, Frank Schaper, an expert in helping people to deal with job-related issues like fatigue, stress or burnout. It’s his 5th book (all in Dutch unfortunately) with the title ‘100% self-confidence. How you lose it and how you can get it back’ (translation of the Dutch title).
If you are interested, also have a look at (translated Dutch titles) “No time for burnout”; “First aid in stress and fatigue” and “How to become a born leader”.

I always appreciate Frank’s books; they contain solid and simple concepts with hands-on practical solutions and lots of eye openers and examples to go with it. Don’t buy it though if you can’t read Dutch.

The second is book is better suited for the English speaking population. Its title is: “Shattering the pain myth” by Gary Little. Gary is an Australian holistic health specialist and massage therapist. In his book he focuses on the mental aspects of local physical pain, e.g. pain in muscles. He states that your emotional state and stress levels are as important as your physical condition in causing and thus relieving pain. Is this a scientific revolution or even completely new for us? Probably not, but even then, it is very good to bring this message to a wider audience, supported by the examples of the results with his clients.  Some books are written to make things more complicated and confuse the readers, others are written to simplify and to give practical hints, so you can do something with it. This is one of those.

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